4/19/2019 UPDATE

No makeup rounds this week.  Spreadsheet is updated and this week's newsletter is linked below.  Let the Week of Jane commence!
04/19/2019 Spreadsheet

4/12/2019 Update

Eight people showed up for week 3!  Chris again logged the hot round with a 65 (-1).  Jane shot a smoking hot 77, her best round at MGO to date, and takes the preliminary lead for week 3.  I will accept make up rounds for those who couldn't make it until Sunday night at Midnight.

 Some insight into how handicaps and points are calculated. 

Your handicap is calculated by subtracting 66 (course par) from your average score as determined by the last 2-6 rounds played, multiplied by .9.  This extra .9 exists to balance things out because it's much easier for a person who shoots in the 80s to cut 10 strokes off than it is for someone who shoots in the 60s.  During the first two years of league, I experimented with different point factors and found .9 to be right for this league.  

Points are determined as follows:

1 point for playing each week

1 point for each other player that is beaten or tied after handicap is applied.

x points to the winner where x = the week number.  This means that as the season goes on and handicaps become more accurate, winning is just a little better than the prior week.

The spreadsheet is updated and I look forward to receiving some make up rounds by Sunday night!


4/9/2019 Update

Thirteen people showed up for Week 2!  Welcome to our new players this year, Aiden, Chris, Izzy, and Jared.  Chris had the hot round with a 61 (-5).  Those with two rounds recorded have been assigned a handicap and point distribution will start this week.  For those who missed week one, don't worry...the points scale as we go.

Check out this week's newsletter for scores and handicaps.

04/11/2019 Newsletter